The share of three uranium enterprises in the Kazakh country was transferred to Russia

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Large shares of three uranium enterprises, which made Kazakhstan's name known to the world and kept its economy strong, were transferred to Russia. To be more specific, permission was given to the Russian state company "Uranium One Group" to transfer large shares of the uranium enterprise, the national company "Adyrna" informed with reference to "KazTAG".

According to the government's decision, it became known that Uranium One Netherlands B. V "Karatau" LLP was given 50% of the participation. Uranium One Utrecht B.V. - "Khorasan-U" Joint Venture" LLP held 30% of the participation, Uranium en Rotterdam B.V. - gave 70% of the participation in the "Southern Mining Chemical Company" joint venture.

All the major shares are being sold for the benefit of "Uranium One Group" JSC registered in Moscow. This company is part of the state corporation "Rosatom" of Russia.

According to economist Galymzhan Aitkazin, the management of uranium enterprises has passed from foreigners to Russian hands.

- The reason for this is fear of the threat of sanctions against Russia. As a result, Russian companies are forced to leave foreign jurisdictions," he said.

And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation announced that they are ready to cooperate with the Kazakh side on the construction of the nuclear power plant. They informed that currently the project's parameters and its financial model are being negotiated.

"Adyrna" national portal