"Illegally increased prices": Dariga Nazarbayeva's business scheme is being investigated

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 Фото: Tengrinews
Фото: Tengrinews

The assets of the Nazarbayev family are being returned to the state. This was announced by Dalainside Telegram channel, "Adyrna" national portal reported.

According to information, the financial monitoring agency is investigating Dariga Nazarbayeva's business scheme on the Kazakhstan-China border. Because Nazarbayev's Eurotransit Nur Zholy company has turned the 3 km long road belonging to the "Nurly zhol" station on the Chinese-Kazakh border into a source of profit.

Crossing the Kazakh border, merchants go to a shopping center located in neutral territory and buy what they need. Then the goods and passengers will be transported to the border by Eurotransit Nur Zholy mentioned above. The length of the road to the border is only three kilometers. Passengers had to pay a lot of money for the logistics service of the company in order to travel these three kilometers.

Other companies engaged in cargo and passenger transportation were not allowed here. Thus, Eurotransit Nur Zholy became an individual monopoly in Khorgas.

100 million dollars from "Eurasia Bank" was allocated for the construction of "Nurly Zhol" station owned by Nazarbayeva. The Financial Monitoring Agency has previously stated that the company, being the only operator transporting cargo from the neutral territory of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Kazakhstan, illegally increased the price for this service.

This company earned 4.2 billions tenge from monopoly activities. During the investigation, Eurotransit Nur Zholy LLP fully admitted the guilt. He also wrote a request to transfer the assets of the LLP to the state (a 3.6-hectare plot of land on the territory of which the transport and logistics organization is located) worth more than 5.3 billions tenge.