Sensation. A historical artifact of the Turkic era was found in the courtyard of the house in the Almaty region

1439 Telegram

A relic belonging to the era of the ancient Turks was accidentally unearthed by workers during the laying of a water pipe in the yard of a house in the Zhambyl District of the Almaty Region. It is said in the story of the channel, reports.

The Orazbekov family is sure that a stone statue with the image of a human face, or rather a grandfather, belonged to their ancestors half a century ago. At that time, their grandfather Elaman was a prominent man in the village and the stone was kept in his house, and then it was handed over to Kulimbayu.

"Our grand father Elaman kept this stone. Our ancestors were tied to it like horses, and the kurt was hung up to dry. We didn't even know that it could be a relic or a treasure during the Soviet rule," said Roza Shulgaubaeva, a resident of the village of Shilibastau.

Translated by:"Adyrna"national portal