Presidential decree: Yerbolat Dosayev met with residents of Almaly

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In accordance with the new format of the meeting with the people approved by the Decree of the Head of State Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, the mayor of Almaty Yerbolat Dosayev held a meeting with the residents of Almaly district, "Adyrna" correspondent reported.

According to the presidential decree, the head of the city must hold a meeting with the residents of each of the 8 districts once a quarter. Against this background, Yerbolat Dosayev's meeting with the people continued in Almaly district.

The head of the city told about the development of the district and the work done based on the suggestions received from the residents. More than 250 people came to the meeting.

Modernization of communal infrastructure in the district remains an urgent issue. 58.5 km of power lines were replaced, 10 distribution and 50 transformer substations were modernized to ensure stable electricity supply to the region. In 2023, 97.5 km of lines, 3 distribution and 145 transformer substations of the district will be renewed. Also, 437 meters long and 415 meters long water pipeline and heating networks will be reconstructed in the district.

According to the mayor of the city Yerbolat Dosayev, average repair of 16 streets with a total length of 13 km was carried out in order to improve the operational characteristics of the roads in the district, and another 1155 meters of road surface will be repaired on 2 streets by November 15.