The father of the deputy governor of the region is forcibly returning his land to the state

1429 Telegram

Seven plots of land belonging to the father of Kanatbek Madibek, the deputy governor of Zhambyl region, two-time governor of Sarysu district, are forcibly returned to the state, the national portal "Adyrna" reports with reference to the information agency TURANINFO.KZ.
Kaishybek Madibekov, father of Kanatbek Madibek, is considered the chairman of Aktogai farm.
Now, a civil case has been initiated in the economic court of Zhambyl region regarding the forced repossession of the lands of Kaishybek Madibekov, Talgat Nakhanov, Talgat Nogaibaev, Murat Akbaev, and Berdibek Zhumataev for state needs.
"Department of Land Relations of Sarysu District Administration" made the following statement to the head of the KMM, Yerbolat Uzakbekov, on the civil case.

"According to the industrial map, there should be "EuroChem" [plant for the production of mineral fertilizers]. A contract was signed between the government of Kazakhstan and the Russian government, in which it is said that the land will be provided by "Eurochem". He made a commitment to himself. Therefore, steps were taken to agree to all agreements as required by law. There are 37 hectares that will be returned to the state. Owned by five people. All land is "Bogara". It's not a place to lie down. Each person has three hectares, nine hectares. Most of them did not plant crops. One of them planted alfalfa," said Yerbolat Uzakbekov.

"Adyrna" national portal