80 sports and playgrounds, 40 buses were provided and new educational centers were opened in Syr.

Adyrna.kz Telegram

On the national holiday - Republic Day, a special gift was made to Kyzylorda residents. At the same time, several social facilities were put into use, and new sports and playgrounds were opened, which brought joy to children.

Mayor of the region Nurlybek Nalibayev congratulated the residents of the region on the great holiday and expressed his best wishes.

- I sincerely congratulate all my compatriots on our returned national holiday - Republic Day! After 13 years, the Republic Day was reunited with the people as a national holiday by the Decree of our President. This day, which has a high historical significance and ideological weight, is important for all citizens who faithfully serve the present and future of our country, who continue great deeds and important initiatives, said N.Nalibaev.