Employees of the Supreme Court did not visit the casino - the official explanation

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Фото: nalogikz.kz

The Supreme Court commented on the information about the visits of the officials to gambling establishments, reports the national portal "Adyrna" with reference to the Sputnik.kz site.

Before that, journalist Mikhail Kozachkov published on his Telegram channel a screenshot of a letter from the Prosecutor's Office of Almaty region about the visit of state officials to the casino. The list also includes 7 employees of the Supreme Court.

Maksat Abirov, press secretary of the Almaty regional prosecutor's office, confirmed to Sputnik that a letter was sent to the Sputnik reporter about the inspections at the casino on the "mentioned facts".

"The information that seven representatives of the Supreme Court visited gambling establishments is not true. We have applied to the Prosecutor's Office of the Almaty region and asked to correct this error. Neither the judges of the Supreme Court nor the employees of the Supreme Court are on this list," - wrote on his account Eldos Zhumaksanov, deputy head of the department.

Three judges and four civil servants are included in the list of the prosecutor's office, Zhumaksanov clarified. Among them, two judges were dismissed: one resigned for bad reasons in 2020. And the third judge was transferred to the district court in 2021.

Zhumaksanov noted that the materials of the said judge will be submitted to the judge's ethics commission.

The representative of the Supreme Court also spoke about civil servants who worked in the judicial system.

"One employee left the judicial system of his own accord in 2021. An official investigation has begun against the others," Zhumaksanov said.

Let's remind that earlier the results of the investigation conducted by the Prosecutor's Office of Almaty region were published online. It mentions more than 300 civil servants who frequent the casino. 305 employees of various state bodies spent 507 millions tenge on gambling