An additional 20 billions tenge will be allocated for the construction of LRT in Astana

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On the sidelines of the Majilis, Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov commented on the future of the LRT project, reported with reference to
Speaking about further financing of LRT, the head of the Cabinet noted that this issue was discussed for a very long time.

Indeed, we discussed a lot about the options for the further fate of this project. Having studied various schemes, various options for the further development of this project, we came to a common opinion, taking into account the opinion of international experts, the opinion of the public, that it is necessary to continue the implementation of this project and complete it. But in a somewhat optimized form, Alikhan Smailov told.

According to him, soon the money will be allocated.

We are currently funding this project. In autumn, we allocated an additional 20 billions tenge to continue construction. As this money is used, we will look at the effectiveness of their development, the achievement of the goals and objectives that are set within the framework of this project, Alikhan Smailov informs.

As the prime minister concluded, after that, additional funds will be allocated in stages in order to complete this project to the extent that it is planned.