A huge celebration took place in the country of Syrym

Adyrna.kz Telegram

On October 1, 2022, the last wave of one-week events came to an end in the village of Zympity, the center of Syrym district. Early on October 1, the guests who came to the celebration to celebrate the 280th anniversary of the birth of the hero, commander Syrym Datuly and the 135th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding state, national figure, intellectual of Alash Jahansha Dosmukhameduly, bowed to the "Hill from which Sirym came".

The governor of the district Tolegen Toregaliyev said to the guests: "Welcome!" He said that it was a celebration not only for the country of Syrym, but for the entire country.
The guests who came to the celebration laid flowers at the monument of Syrym Datuly and bowed.
The ceremony was followed by a wild race and a greyhound race. Bakytzhan Narymbetov, deputy mayor of the West Kazakhstan region, took part in the event and gave a congratulatory speech.

It's known that most of the people who gathered for the noisy competition in the field came to enjoy the horse race.