A giant factory in Oral will be closed and 600 people may lose their jobs

Adyrna.kz Telegram

The factory, which produces 200,000 cans per day, is about to close. If the demands of the plant's lawyers and complainants are not met, the "Kubley" cannery will be closed. Not only the company, but also about 2500 farms that supply meat to this plant may lose their income, reports the national portal "Adyrna". This was announced by lawyer Bakytzhan Bazarbek.

The dispute between the "Kubley" plant in Oral and the administration started two years ago. The administration gave permission to build a residential complex near the cannery. The human rights defender says that his life is in danger because of the court proceedings between the "Kubley" enterprise and the administration of the city of Oral Bakytzhan Bazarbek, a lawyer who is at the forefront of the cases related to the return of the land plots to the oligarchs near Almaty to the state and the people:

"The purpose of our complaint against the administration of Oral administration, land relations, and architectural construction is not only to save the sanitary territory of the plant, but also to check the activities of these institutions regarding the change of the purpose of the land plot. We presented all the evidence, 8 volumes of evidence. "The opposite party has not once presented the documents we demanded," he said.