Demanded 200,000 dollars": the kidnappers of a man were arrested in Almaty

2055 Telegram

Almaty police revealed the face of human theft. About this announced, the "Adyrna" national portal reported.

According to information, a 40-year-old resident of Almaty was a victim of criminals. He was stolen from a residential area located in Almaly district of Almaty city.

"The wife of the abducted citizen filed a complaint with the police. A special investigative team was immediately formed and the first set of measures was carried out, which made it possible to quickly determine the identity of the kidnappers and where they are holding the victim. A special event for the release of the man was held in Turksib district of the city carried out in the territory of warehouses. Four people were arrested. They were previously convicted of extortion and hooliganism. The kidnapped citizen was released safely. He was badly beaten and needed medical attention. According to the victim, strangers demanded 200 thousand dollars for his release, or heroin They threatened to inject him," said Didar Akhanov, Deputy Head of the Almaty City Police Department.