In Kazakhstan, a QR-code has been introduced into the license plates

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Фото: КазСтандарт
Фото: КазСтандарт

From now on in Kazakhstan, car number plates must have unique DMC codes, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

Using the code, police officers can check the authenticity of the license plates.

From September 1, ST 986-2022 of the Republic of Kazakhstan came into force. According to it, the requirements for license plates and blanks for them, which must have special and additional elements necessary for protection against counterfeiting, are written.

This standard was developed by the RMC "Information and Production Center" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and it was examined by the SIM TRMK KazStandard.

The standard provides unification of technical requirements for fonts, numbers and protective elements in state registration number plates. Among them, additional security elements included the installation of unique DMC codes that police officers can use to verify the authenticity of license plates.

"Special protective elements cannot be removed from the surface of the number plate by chemical means or physical impact and it must be preserved during the entire period of use of the number plate," the agency noted.

Also, it became known that implementation of ST 986-2022 of the Republic of Kazakhstan will not lead to changes in the price of production of products, as well as additional costs from the state budget.

"Adyrna" national portal