Let Satybaldy's hotel be rented out to homeless students!

Adyrna.kz Telegram

Almaty's student claimed that Kairat Satybaldy's  hotel, which had been empty for many years, should be rented out to students at a low price. "Adyrna" national portal wrote about it.

"This is Satybaldy's hotel! It is located along Yesentay, at the foot of the mountain. Satybaldy is in prison for having a conversation with Masimov. Now I say, students, enter this house! Administration "Pay 25-30 thousand per month, we signed a contract with the hotel. We will let the students in. It's been 7 years. This hotel has been empty... Enter this! Those students who can pay more than 25-30 thousand per month should go and tell the administration. I will write down the phone numbers in the comments. Come to the congress in front of the administration, which was burned down between them. Demand that they give you a house there. Isn't 25-30 thousands a month, good?!", he urged.