45 billions tenge will be spent on extraordinary elections

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Фото: www.gov.kz

20 billions tenge will be spent on presidential elections in Kazakhstan in autumn. About 25 billion tenge will be spent on the 2023 parliamentary elections. The Deputy Minister of Finance Tatyana Savelyeva announced this at the meeting of the Mazhilis, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

The money is allocated from the Government reserve.

"Now the CEC is conducting an accounting. It is about 20 billions tenge. Why are costs increasing? First, the minimum wage was raised. 90% of all expenses related to elections are salaries of election commission members. 65,000 people participated in the last election. This year, the number of participants will exceed 70,000. Salaries are calculated taking into account the minimum wage," Savelyeva said.

Taking into account that the ETH will increase to 70 thousands tenge in 2023, 25 billion tenge will be needed for the parliamentary elections.

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