The fire area in Kostanay exceeded 43 thousand hectares

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In  Kostanay region, the area of ​​the fire exceeded 43 thousand hectares of forest
the total area of ​​the farm is 107,257 ha, the correspondent of "Adyrna" reports.

"196 units of equipment, 7 aircraft, 5 fire trains, 1526 personnel were mobilized to extinguish the fire. Water extraction for drainage devices is carried out by helicopters at a distance of 25 km from the natural water body. "Since the beginning of fire fighting, water has been poured 93 times," the agency said.

According to official data,
Ozernoe a. (250 people), Amankaragai a. from the northern part (1000 people), Kalinino a. (228 people) and Lesnoe a. (363 people) 1841 people were evacuated.