"Write a petition, I'll leave": Mayor of Taldykorgan made a statement

Adyrna.kz Telegram

Mayor of Taldykorgan Aset Masabayev met with veterans of the Afghan war. During the conversation, a dispute arose between the parties, the reporter of "Adyrna"reported .

According to the city mayor's office, the veterans raised the issues of housing, getting land plots, getting referrals to health centers and free travel on public transport.

The head of the city noted that the apartment and the land would be given in turn. However, the veterans were not satisfied with Masabaev's answer.

"The queue is only moving backwards. We are patient and waiting. "How many people took it illegally, and we still have to live in rented apartments," they said.

The mayor also suggested writing a petition against him.

"If you are not satisfied with my work, write a petition asking Masabayev to leave. I will leave," said the head of the city.