A Kazakh graduate who knows 7 languages received invitations from two universities of the world

Adyrna.kz Telegram

Aktoty Asanova, a graduate of Kazakhstan who knew 7 languages, received invitations from two universities of the world, the reporter of "Adyrna" reported.

She is a graduate of Beindik School of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. He is fluent in English, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, and Kazakh languages. Now she is learning the 8th language - Arabic.

From the age of 15, the young polyglot has been teaching English at the language center in Almaty and has also strengthened her language learning methodology. She recited about 70 poems of Abay and became the winner of republican competitions several times. Thanks to her diligence, Aktoty Asanova received grants from 2 foreign higher educational institutions. In particular, she entered the "Translator" specialty (Chinese, English) department of the Foreign Philology Faculty of Beijing Language and Culture University (PRC, Beijing) and the "Economics and Business" specialty of the International Relations Faculty of Ege University (Turkey, Izmir).

Aktoty has chosen the Ege University and she will focus on economics and business in addition to language learning.