Railwayman: People -responsibility. That's why I want to fill every day of my service with joy

Adyrna.kz Telegram

It is the duty of the railwaymen to control the train, to transport as many people as possible to their destinations safely, and to pay attention to every iron of the train. The work of people who have worked tirelessly in this field will never go unnoticed. The people are also very grateful to the specialists who took the hard work out of the field, which is more difficult than interesting. One such person is Omarov Talgat Abdisametuly from Arys, who has won the favor of the country. The correspondent of the national portal "Adirna" congratulated the railway worker on the holiday and he asked about the secrets of his profession.

Talgat was born in the city of Arys, Turkestan region. He has been working in the railway industry for 38 years this year. According to him, he started his first job as a mechanic on the railway.

"After finishing the 10th grade, I joined the army. Later, I got a job as a mechanic at the Depot. I wanted to grow and not stay in one place. Therefore, I took a short-term 2-month course to become a locomotive assistant and got a job. In the 90s, I studied as a machinist and started working in that field. Now I drive a train," he says.

Since then, his successful career in the railway industry continued. He stood out for his hard work and thoroughness. He was able to become a real expert in his field.