How was the road repaired for 700 millions tenge? How was the contribution of the future generation spent?

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Journalist Askhat Niyazov visited the village of Zhaltyrsha in the North Kazakhstan region and showed the quality of the road for which 700 millions tenge were spent from the National Fund,  the national portal "Adyrna" wrote.

He published a story on his YouTube channel about how the road, which was allocated 700 millions tenge for repair work, was covered with gravel. Local residents have complained to the mayor's office and the General Prosecutor's Office several times in this regard, but to no avail. Road repair works have been going on since last year. The work was supposed to be completed in August, but the renovation period seems far from over.

It should be noted that "Nord Roads" LLP is the main contractor for road works in the North Kazakhstan region. According to Kompra, the founder of this LLP is his father, and the director is Pogosyan's son. The district administration was ready to pay 1.2 billion tenge for average repair of the gravel road, as a result of which the amount of state procurement reached 700 millions tenge. This is how the inheritance of future generations is being spent...