Employees of Yandex, Uber and Glovo are provided with social guarantees

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Employees of Yandex, Uber, Wolt and Glovo are provided with social guarantees. The Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Kazakhstan, Tamara Duissenova, informed, Adyrna correspondent reported.

"According to expert data, up to 500 thousand people are employed in Kazakhstan. That is, citizens work through various online platforms such as Yandex, Uber, Volt and Glovo. Undoubtedly, such a regime is convenient for the population. However, its main drawback is the lack of social security for the employed. In other words, if such a person becomes unemployed or stops working due to pregnancy and childbirth, he will not be able to receive the necessary social benefits from the State Social Insurance Fund. In this regard, we held meetings with the main operators of online platforms to attract these citizens to the social security system. Together with them, we decided to pilot the coverage schemes from July 1 this year.

We will present the results of the work by the end of the year, "she said.

Photo is from:siteonline.kz