In Kostanay, an inspector found a house for a single woman


Kostanay district inspector Onaybek Orazakov helped a single mother with three children to find temporary housing and apply for documents, the national portal Adyrna reported citing
The district policeman goes to the same address at the invitation of the residents. Residents reported that "our neighbors are making noise." Upon arrival, Onaibek Orazakov saw a woman with three minor children.

The woman said that she was raising the children alone. Since there was no place to live, the single mother asked her friend to live with her.

"I couldn't help but see a woman with a child. The eldest is only four years old and the youngest is six months old. First of all, I decided to solve the housing problem. I rented a room in a dormitory and accommodated a woman with a child," he said.

The policeman also provided the woman's family with basic necessities. In addition to the police officer, sympathizers were also found.

"The woman is receiving benefits. But for some reason the money did not come this month. So I applied to the UAPF and helped to get the documents," said Kostanay policeman Onaibek Orazakov.


National portal "Adyrna".

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