1 million kurts and baursaks were distributed in Shymkent


Today in the historical complex of Ethnovillage in Shymkent a festive event dedicated to March 1 - Thanksgiving Day was organized. The event was attended by employees and soldiers of cultural and art institutions, the city emergency service, the police department, teachers and doctors, representatives of ethnocultural associations and young volunteers from universities.

- This holiday is a day when representatives of ethnic groups who moved to the Kazakh land as a result of various historical periods and events pay tribute to the Kazakh people, who formed the state, and thank them for their care and kindness. But today the scale of the holiday is not limited to this. On this day, we make it a tradition to express our gratitude to our mothers, white-bearded elders, citizens who work tirelessly for the benefit of the people around them and the development of the country, - said Chingiz Zhumabekuly.

It's worth noting that in addition to decorating the streets of the city in honor of the holiday, in the ethno-village "Shymkala" were created giant images of the spring symbol of the lily of the valley, the bird of peace and kindness, the swallow. In addition, 1 million kurts and 1 million baursaks were distributed in 15 major shopping and entertainment centers and city parks, airports, railway stations, markets and small districts with a large number of students. It will be recalled that 1 million worms were distributed in the city last year.

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