Youth and purpose in life


The mother of a schoolgirl died of a serious illness. She was very sad. Realizing that crying could not change the situation, she went to her teacher and told her that she wanted to cure her mother. The teacher told that she  should be a doctor, therefore she needed to study biology to become a doctor.

From then on, like in November, the girl focused on biology. He first became an expert in biology at his school, then became an Olympic medalist in the district, and then in the country. He writes a letter to the professor of the best university, which studies the type of cancer that took his mother, and begins to help for free during the holidays.

"Thousands of people die of this disease every year in the world. My goal is to find a cure for this disease. I want girls like me not to lose their mothers. That's what I went through for him. I know what problems scientists face and why they can't solve them. ” A certain university is happy to accept a young graduate.

I met with schoolchildren. I told this story. High school students are worried about which university to go to and who they will be.

To answer that question, you need to set a goal in life, just like that girl. There are two types of goals: personal or public. There are many types of personal goals: enrollment, getting a profession, being at home, getting married, getting a job… And a public goal is to solve a problem faced by society. A life goal or mission is narrated when it has a social purpose, not a personal purpose.

In Maslow's pyramid of needs, it is called transcendental need. The other two needs are physiological and psychological needs, and transcendental needs.

The personal goal of a person who fulfills a public goal is automatically fulfilled.

It didn't matter where a girl who wanted to fight cancer went to study, the most important thing was to have a university that deals with the disease. He did not think about the house, the condition, where to work tomorrow. He will be a strong professional on the way to the goal of life. There is a great demand for strong specialists, high salaries.

Therefore, young people should set out on the path of life. And the purpose of life begins with the search for solutions to thousands of problems facing the modern world.


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