Trillions of dollars are transferred from Kazakhstan to other countries


In two years, more than 2.4 trillion tenge were sent to countries other than Kazakhstan. An LS source found out where they translated the most, Adyrna reported.

According to the National Bank, the volume of remittances in 2021 exceeded 1 trillion tenge, in 2020 this figure was 787.7 billion tenge, and in 2019 - 655.2 billion tenge. Over the past three years, the total amount has exceeded 2.4 trillion tenge. During this period, the volume of remittances increased by 52.6%.

Most of the money went to Uzbekistan. It has ousted Russia, a former leader. For example, over the past year, more than 298 billion tenge was transferred to Uzbekistan (three years + 114.4%). It is followed by Turkey - 210.9 billion tenge (+ 126%) and Russia - 177.2 billion tenge (-15.1%).

At the same time, the largest increase in this period was recorded in Armenia, which accounted for 33.6 billion tenge (+ 257.4%), Georgia - 32.8 billion tenge (+ 180.3%) and Kyrgyzstan - 144.4 billion tenge (+65). , 6%) were sent.

More information on the amount of remittances is provided in the infographic.

Earlier, President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev instructed the National Bank, together with the Agency for Regulation of Financial Markets and Financial Monitoring, to provide real monitoring, inspection and control of all transactions and unjustified withdrawals from the country.

He also instructed the government to make recommendations on the return of illegally issued money to the country.


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