The list of cars to be delivered at 4% is: Hyundai for 6.7 millions, KIA for 7.1 millions


An employee of the car assembly department of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development said how much money is planned to be allocated for the concessional car loan program, and what will be the down payment. This was reported by the national portal "Adyrna" with reference to

It was noted that the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies plans to allocate 250 billions tenge for concessional car loans until 2027. 150 billions will be spent from the state budget, and 100 billions will be spent on the utilization fee of the "MES Operator". "In 2022, the state budget will initially allocate 30 billion tenge. Next year it will be 45 billion tenge, in 2024 - 50 billion tenge," the statement reads.

Translated by:NP"Adyrna"

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