Almaty's resident took care of 8 pensioners and disabled people


A resident of Almaty region turned her house into a shelter for people in difficult situations. Today, eight pensioners and a disabled Saniyam Mukhamedsadykova live together as one large and close-knit family. This was reported in the plot of "Almaty" TV channel.

Retired O. B. is one of the people living in this house. Exhausted by disagreements with her son, she left home.

"I always" disturbed "them at home. When I go to the kitchen, they say," Well, you're not doing well. "I went to my room and cried. Everything is fine here. Very warm, very good, they respect and love me. Sonya is a wonderful person , I couldn't do what she did, "said a resident of Ili district.

Translated by:national portal "Adyrna"

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