We forced Akimats(executive committee) to save 1,742,324 tenge on gasoline purchases


During the anti-corruption monitoring of the portal goszakup.gov.kz, the branch of the NGO "Adildik Zholy" in Uralsk established 7 facts of overpricing when purchasing gasoline.

January 10-21, 2022 Akimat of Kaztalovsky district, Akimat of Burlinsky rural district, Zhaiykteploenergo JSC and City Polyclinic No. 6 purchased AI-92 gasoline for 215 tenge, 201.04 tenge, 199.36 tenge, 192.64 tenge, and AI-95 at 225.12 tenge and 219.52 tenge.

Whereas, on 01/06/2022, order No. 2 was issued. Minister of Energy, who established the marginal prices for the retail sale of petroleum products (state regulation of prices, including VAT):

- AI-92 gasoline - 182 tenge per liter;

- AI-95 gasoline - 215 tenge per liter.

Articles 7, 20 of the Law "On Combating Corruption" states that one of the tasks of state policy in the areas of budget management and combating corruption is saving and expedient spending of budget funds.

On January 21, 2022, we applied to the Department for Regulation of Natural Monopolies to bring suppliers of MegaOilOral LLP and VenOil LLP to administrative liability under Article 171 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (exceeding the maximum retail price of petroleum products by suppliers).

On January 24, 2022, they sent an appeal to the Department of Internal State Audit about bringing Zh.S. Temirgaliev to responsibility. (head of the ex.com. of the Kaztalovsky district), Zarifova A.U. (head of ex.com. of Burlinsky rural district), Shaikhieva Zh.Zh., (director of polyclinic No. 6) and Kameshova B.T. (deputy director of ZhTE JSC) who signed illegal contracts.

On 02/01/2022, the REM Department replied that there was no fuel and lubricants (customers did not have time to transfer money) and they signed additional contracts dated January 24 and 27 this year. with a price of 182 tenge for AI-92 and 215 tenge for AI-95.

Thus, thanks to an independent analysis of our article on the sites "Uralskaya Nedelya", "My City", "Nadezhda", "Orda", "KazTAG" and "Adyrna", as well as the story on "Astana TV", no violation was allowed and 1 742 324 tenge.

The violation was facilitated by ignorance of the law and dishonest attitude to their functional duties by the leaders who signed the agreements.

If you have information about corruption, please let us know!

Branch Representative
Bauyrzhan Akhmetzhan

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