Compliance with sanitary requirements is monitored


Sanitary and epidemiological situation in Al-Farabi district is checked daily. Since the beginning of the year, 8 monitoring groups have monitored 141 businesses in the area (33 restaurants, 97 restaurants, 8 large shopping centers, 3 markets).

During the inspection, explanatory work is carried out to the owners of business entities on strict compliance with the requirements of the decree. In case of violation, the evidence is collected in accordance with the algorithm and sent to the competent authority. The main requirement for everyone is to wear a mask, to keep social distance. Business entities must have an ASYQ application and a sanitizer.

The monitoring group includes employees of the district ex.committee, local law enforcement officers, employees of the district department for control over the safety of goods and services.

It's worth noting that today Shymkent is in the "red" zone. We urge residents to comply with sanitary requirements and revaccinate to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection!

The press service of Shymkent city 

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